Benefits of a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be beautiful affairs when held in the right location with the right wedding planner. They can be completely personalized and considered a dream come true for most people. Many great benefits of a destination wedding.
The popularity of the destination wedding has grown leaps and bounds when you think it was virtually unheard of just ten years ago. The destination wedding of today is now considered common and accounts for over 10% of all North American weddings.Couples like that they can combine their wedding with a vacation for family and friends and at a cost cheaper than a wedding they would have at home. When you factor in the cost of the venue, food, drinks, entertainment and whatever other costs involved for your wedding at home, the destination wedding often comes in under budget.So now that the “uncommon” destination wedding has become “common”. 
  • A destination weddings is typically cheaper. It is not that the location is cheaper but you will not be serving as many guests. At home, couples tend to invite too many people because they do not know how to pare down their guest lists eliminating business associates of family members, co-workers and people who are not close enough to the couple to rightfully attend the wedding. While on a destination wedding, couples keep their guest list down to the absolute group required. And if they choose, they can still spend the same amount but put on a more lavish day.

  • It may be difficult for some couples to have a vacation, honeymoon and wedding all in the same year. The destination wedding permits them to take all three without having to spend extra.

  • For couples that have family members, especially grandparents in the “old country”, having a destination wedding permits those elder members of the family to participate in the wedding. A destination wedding allows the couple to hold a real traditional wedding complete with the customs and culture.

  • Today, it is common for family to live all across the country. Choosing a central location where everyone can come together  for the wedding makes it much easier for all the guests. The location may be within the country or a close location outside the country.

  • Allows the rest of the family a nice vacation and gives the whole family a spectacular family reunion. Weddings bring family together for just a few hours. A destination wedding, on the other hand, permits everyone to mingle and participate in activities and gives the family a longer period to reminisce.

  • Destination weddings can be much less stressful. If the proper wedding consultant is found, she will make the arrangements for everything, as per your requests, of course, and this frees you up to continue to work and carry on at your normal pace without the mounting anxiety.

  • Experience the opportunity of a lifetime to visit somewhere you can only dream about. The family may have decided to pay for the wedding and have agreed that the world is the limit.

  • You are usually able to benefit from discounts from airlines if many tickets are booked at the same time. So even if the destination is within the same country, savings may be available on travel arrangements.

  • No Fuss!  For the wedding couple holding a wedding at home, after the wedding is over, there is still plenty to do. Paying vendors, returning rental items, and even cleaning up after the wedding ceremony. With a destination wedding, someone else is responsible for the cleaning and tying up of loose ends.