We are thrilled to be heading to Jamaica for Shayla and Nathans destination wedding on May 2 , 2016.  Most importantly we are excited to GIVE back to a very small school in St Ann on the day of our excursion.  The Ministry of Education in Jamaica was happy to suggest Prickley Pole Primary school.  A very small school with only 100 students who are in need of funds to supply the students with just the basic school supplies.   Time 2 Travely with Travelonly could not be more happy to support such an amazing campaign.    Every dollar will help impact a childs life in the small school in Jamaica.

We have so much in Canada to be thankful for, and we love travelling to the Caribbean for vacation, but our mission on this very exciting occassion is to give back. 

Prickley Pole School is so happy we care.  They have 
# of Children: 106,  # of Teachers: 6
# of desktop computers: 0
# of laptops: 0
# of tablets : 0

Presently, the school is in need of white boards, stationary, toiletries and eating utensils.

We will be documenting the whole campaign that day  with updates and pictures..  

We can't do it alone, and we invite you to help be a part of this amazing journey.

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